Preparing for your Microblading/Microshading Appointments

Please read the following in advance of your appointment to ensure your comfort during your treatment and to achieve best results.


Day of appointment

  • Do not consume caffeine/ Do not exercise

1 day before appointment

  • Do not consume alcohol.

3 days before appointment

  • Avoid Aspirin, niacin, advil, ibuprofin, Excedrin, naproxen etc (TYLENOL IS OK)

  • Blood Thinning Vitamins including: Fish oils, Vitamin  E, Ginko Biloba, Grapeseed Extract, high doses of Garlic, Dong Quai, Gingo Biloba, Ginseng, Green Tea, and Red Clover.

  • Do not wax, thread or tint your eyebrows.


5 days before appointment

  • Avoid prescription blood thinning medications. Consult with your doctor (if you are currently taking blood thinners).


1 week before appointment

  • Limit sun expsoure (natural sun and/or tanning beds); if you have a sunburn on your face, we will not be able to complete the treatment. After sun vacation, moisturize skin daily prior to appointment

4 weeks before appointment

  • Stop using products containing AHAs, retinols or OTC retinoids  

  • Avoid chemical peels, laser peels, and photo facials.

  • Avoid botox in brow and/or forehead areas.

IMPORTANT *If you are currently using Retinoids (medical grade prescribed by your physician (dermatologist or other), you will need to wait at least 4 months before having Microblading/Microshading or Lip Blushing treatments. 

It is important that you prepare for your appointment as outlined. Not following the instructions above can lead to unsatisfactory results and/or excessive bleeding during your appointment, which will dilute the pigment and lead to poor pigment retention (blurred hairstrokes in case of Microblading) once healed. If there is excessive bleeding, we may not be able to continue treatment.


Note: Use of antibiotics, hormonal therapy (prior to or after treatment) or Retin A/Tretinoin or any other rapid skin exfoliation products after treatment in the brow area WILL all cause the pigment to faster  

Preparing for your Lip Blush Appointment


  • Exfoliate your lips the day before your Lip Blush appointment.

Also, applying a lip balm can help keep lips smooth on the day of appointment.


  • 24 hours prior to your appointment - Avoid alcohol and caffeine  

  • 5 days prior to your appointment Avoid aspirin, niacin, advil, ibuprofin, (Tylenol is ok), Fish oils and blood thinning supplements including vitamin E, dong quai, garlic, ginger, gingo biloba, ginseng, green tea, red clover.

  • Blood Thinners - If you're currently taking blood thinners, consult with your dr. 

  • Cold Sores: If you have EVER had and/or are prone to getting cold sores, please visit your doctor to get cold sore medication (ie. Valtrex etc). You will need to take medication 5 days before and 5 after your lip blush appointment, as this treatment can trigger an outbreak of cold sores.

  • Lip fillers should be done at least 4 weeks prior to your lip blush appointment for best results.

Preparing for your waxing appointment

  • If currently using AHA's/ BHA's on your skin, stop using these products in the area getting waxed for 5 days before & 5 days after waxing.

  • Trim the hair before your appointment. Longer hair can be more painful to wax.Ensure your hair is at least 1/4 inch long, for best results

  • Exfoliate the waxing area 24 - 48 hrs before your appointment. This will keep the skin soft and smoother and prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Bath or shower on the day of your appointment to open up follicles, allowing for easier hair removal.

  • Do not apply any deodorants, make-up, lotions, soaps, powders, perfumes or self-tanning products to the area to be waxed.