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Microblading OR Microshading Treatment

It is important you follow the aftercare instructions exactly as outlined.

Failure to do so, can result in poor healed results, and in some cases infection can occur if eyebrows/lips are not properly cleaned or cared for. 

30 mins after treatment: Gently wash eyebrows with sterile water/neutral soap.

Apply very thin layer of provided aftercare balm.

Repeat process 3-5 times (every 2 hrs) throughout day.

Day 2: In the morning, gently wash eyebrows with sterile water/neutral soap.

Then, apply very thin layer of provided aftercare balm. 

Reapply the aftercare cream in the evening.

Days 3 - 7: Apply thin layer of provided aftercare balm as needed (when brows feel dry). 


What is to be avoided during the first 7 days

  • All creams (except provided aftercare)

  • All makeup in the brow area

  • Heavy exercise or any activities that involve sweating.

  • Swimming

  • Saunas & steam rooms

  • Do not use SPF on the brow area (until healed)

What is to be avoided during the first 30 days

  • Botox in the brow area (avoid for 2 weeks)

  • Sunbathing & tanning beds

  • Chemical peels

  • Fruit acid peels

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Products that contain exfoliating acids (AHA's, prescribed skin creams)

  • IPL, or laser treatments (can destroy the pigment & can cause burns)


*After the first 7 days, always protect the eyebrows from the sun with SPF of 30+ to prevent unnecessary fading.

Note: Use of antibiotics, hormonal therapy or Retin A/Tretinoin, having Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, or any other rapid skin exfoliation products directly in the brow area WILL all cause the pigment to faster pigment fading. 

                                     POST  TREATMENT CARE 

                                                            Lip Blush

30 mins after treatmant : Gently blot lips

*Gently blot (do not rub or pull tissue) lips every 1-2 hours to remove fluid buildup and to prevent excessive scabbing from forming

*Apply aftercare provided to keep your lips moisturized. 
*Do not pick scabs which may form.


Next 4 - 5 days Lips will feel dry. Keep applying aftercare provided as needed to keep lips moisturized.

What is to be avoided during the first 7 -14 days:

  • Avoid spicy foods for 1 week following treatment

  • Avoid Kissing till lips have healed (dry patches/scabs have fallen off naturally)

  • Avoid sun exposure 2 weeks.

Important: Once lips have healed and all dry patches/scabs have fallen off naturally, apply an spf to lips to protect them from fading prematurely




During the first 24 hours after: 

The freshly waxed area is more sensitive and more susceptible to invading bacteria, it's best to avoid heat, sweat, and friction after your wax.

  • Avoid hot baths or showers (cool to lukewarm water only)

  • Avoid saunas, hot tubs, massage or steam treatments

  • Avoid tanning (sunbathing, sun beds or fake tans)

  • Avoid sport, gym work or other exercise

  • Avoid touching/scratching the treated area with unwashed hands

  • Wear clean, loose fitting clothes.

  • Avoid using perfumed or heavy lotions on your skin (*Coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel are natural moisturizes

  • Wait at 24 least hrs before excessive activity after waxing

  • Wait at 24 least hrs before applying deodorant or antiperspirant to underarms




  • Avoid Waxing within 3 days​ after facial treatment

  • Avoid suntan or sun bed exposure for 7 days after facial treatment

  • Avoid exfoliating products for 7 days after facial treatment

  • Avoid acne medication for 5 days after facial treatment

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